Are Granite Backsplashes Better than Tile Backsplashes?

Are Granite Backsplashes Better than Tile Backsplashes?

The backsplash in your kitchen serves several purposes. It prevents water, grease and other liquids from splashing onto your drywall and it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space. Backsplashes can also help control the heat and moisture in a kitchen so it does not get into other areas of the home. In this discussion, we will compare granite countertop backsplashes and tile backsplashes to decide which one is the best fit for your kitchen.

Design Appeal

Both granite and tile backsplashes can look beautiful in a kitchen. It all depends on what sort of style you already have going in the room and how big of an impact you want to make with your backsplash. Having the stone run up the walls will make the room feel expensive and modern, but in some cases, tile makes for a better contrast and helps tie in other colors in the room. If you have accent tiles in your flooring, for example, you may want the backsplash to have similar accent tiles. You can look at samples of different options to see which one looks best in the space.

Adding to Your Existing Countertops

If you want to keep your current countertops and add a new backsplash on top of them, you are probably better off working with tile. The only reason we say that is because each slab of granite is completely unique. It is hard to match a new slab with an older one, even if they come from the same source. With tile, you have a little more flexibility and you don’t have to worry about coming up with a direct match. Granite is a great option for new countertop installations, but it isn’t ideal for elemental remodels.

Cost Effectiveness

Most people assume that granite backsplashes are more expensive than tile backsplashes, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, in many instances the granite is actually cheaper than tile because it requires less labor to install. If you are working on a budget, it would be best to get a quote for both options to see which one is more affordable. Then factor in the durability and longevity of the material to pick the best one for your home.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Granite backsplashes are a little easier to clean than tile backsplashes because they do not have grout lines. The stone is resistant to stains, and it’s incredibly simple to wipe down. The only issue that you may have is that the texture of the stone doesn’t always make it easy to see dirt and grease on the walls. Just make sure you wipe down the backsplash after each use, and you should be set.

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