Granite Countertop Repairs

Granite Countertop Repairs

Because of granite’s natural durability, cracks and other damages are very uncommon. Something has to be dropped onto the granite with heavy force in order for the stone to break. Nevertheless, we do come across these issues from time to time, with customers wondering if their stone countertops can be fixed. In the guide below, we will explore the process of granite countertop repairs so you can get a better understanding of your options.

Causes of Granite Countertop Damage

Granite is naturally resistant to stains, scratches, and heat, making it difficult to damage. The stone can stand up to just about any household task that comes its way. The most common cause of granite countertop damage is when something falls or drops on a weak point in the slab, or the sealant wears off and staining occurs. When we say “weak point in the slab,” we’re referring to an edge or an overhang that does not have the support of cabinets below. If a large objects falls onto this area in just the right way, a crack may occur.

How to Fix Granite Countertops

To fix granite countertops, we must first determine how extensive the damage is. After an evaluation, usually with a photograph from the customer, our granite installers determine if it can be repaired. We most commonly do this with two-part epoxy, which is a jelly-like compound with a hardener added to it. Once those two components bound, they harden like a rock. This is the same adhesive used to create seamless granite countertops. The epoxy is used to fill in the crack. It can be left clear or can have a dye mixed in to match the granite or marble. Any excess residue from the epoxy is scraped away with a razor blade.

Granite Countertop Repairs Are Not Permanent

It’s important to note that granite countertop repairs are not permanent. The epoxy will cover the crack and hold the stone together, but that area will still be weaker than the rest of the stone. It will be susceptible to damage in the future. The best way to fix granite, marble or most natural stones is to have it completely replaced, but we understand that is not an expense everyone wants to endure right away. The stone repair process described above is sufficient enough for most basic needs, and it will extend the life of your counters until you can get new ones.

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