Granite Countertops vs. Other Surfaces

Granite Countertops vs. Other Surfaces

How does granite compare to other countertop surfaces? Is it better, worse, cheaper, more expensive…? These are questions that come up regularly during a kitchen and bathroom remodeling. If you are thinking about using granite countertops in your home, you might want to know what your options are as a whole. This will help you determine if granite countertops are worth the money.

Here is a look at granite countertops versus other surfaces so you can make an informed purchase.


Granite is one of the most expensive countertop materials on the market because it looks great, functions well, and lasts a lifetime. Marble and manmade quartz are in the same basic price range, but materials like laminate and polished concrete are much more affordable. With that in mind, the other factors below make granite worth the extra money because of the amount of benefits you get from it. Cheap options often lead to expensive replacements in the future.


Because granite is a natural stone, it can withstand high-heat and moisture levels. Other materials like laminate countertops can warp and crack after long exposures to the kitchen and bathroom environment. Granite will not. A properly installed granite slab will last for decades as long as it is properly maintained.


Granite can handle a wide range of tasks in the kitchen or bathroom, from cooling hot pans to providing a flat cutting surface. Because of its durability, this material is able to function well in nearly every cooking and cleaning situation. Other natural stone offer the same versatility, but laminate, tile, concrete, and other types of countertops may not hold up against the abuse.

Visual Appeal

There is no denying that granite is a beautiful material in any home. There are so many variations of granite on the market that you can get the perfect look for your kitchen each and every time. Other countertop materials can look good overall, but most of them will not have the same wow-factor that granite does. The exception to this would be other natural stones like marble and quartz.

If you want to create an upscale feel in your home, installing granite counters is definitely a good way to do that.


Admittedly, granite countertops are not easy to install. That is part of the reason why they are so expensive. The stones must be professionally cut to fit over your cabinets perfectly. A single error in measurement could make an entire slab unusable. You may be able to install some other materials on your own, especially if you use an unconventional material like wood flooring. Nevertheless, granite counters will last a long time after installation so you don’t have to get new counters every few years. That is what makes them worth the headache.


As a whole, granite countertops far exceed the usability and aesthetic appeal of their inexpensive alternatives. If you want great looking counters that are made to last, granite is definitely the way to go.

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