How to Dress up an Outdated Fireplace

How to Dress up an Outdated Fireplace

Is your outdated fireplace making the rest of your home look old and dreary? Do you want to do something that will make it into the focal point it deserves to be? There are many different ways to dress up an outdated fireplace, depending on how big of a transformation you want to see. Here we will look at some design features that will breathe new life into an old feature.

Change the Façade

The fireplace façade is one of the primary components that people see when they walk into a room. This is usually made up of brick or stone, though it may be made from other fire-resistant materials. Sometimes just cleaning the fireplace the façade makes it look like new, but if that’s not enough, you could paint it to a new color. As an even better option, you could get a stone fireplace façade like the ones we design here at East Coast Granite. This is an exquisite addition to any home, and it is guaranteed to be a conversation starter when guests come over.

Upgrade the Mantle

The mantle on your fireplace is another key component that could use a facelift. You could make it bigger, change the design of it, tie it into existing features surrounding the fireplace, or simply change the color. If the mantle is wood, you could stain it and reseal it. If you want something more elegant, you could get a stone fireplace mantle instead. We offer those here at East Coast Granite, and they are always a big success with our clients in New Jersey and New York. They do require careful installation though, so we recommend that you only work with a trusted granite installation company near you. Give us a call at 201-951-1457 for a free quote.

Refinish the Hearth

The hearth of your fireplace is the area of the bottom that most people use to sit on or hold tools to clean their fireplaces. Some hearths are bigger than others, but they all make a difference in the way a fireplace looks. Once again, you could change the color of the hearth or clean it to make it look better. You could also upgrade to a granite or marble hearth if you want to add extra style to your fireplace. We would be happy to come up with a design that suits your home and your budget at the same time.

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