Creating Seamless Granite Countertops

Creating Seamless Granite Countertops

Seamless granite countertops are a staple of luxury kitchen designs. They are customized to hide the seams in between slabs so the countertop looks like one continual piece of stone. This is a tricky task that requires precision, quality craftsmanship, and expert-level care. Here at East Coast Granite, we specialize in creating seamless granite countertops for kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a closer look at how the process works…

Why Seamless Countertops Are So Tricky

Some people ask, “What’s the big deal with seamless countertops? Couldn’t you just cut the shape out of a giant slab?” The short answer to that question is no, you can’t. It would be impossible to carry or fit some size slabs into a room. In other words, the house or apartment would have to be built around the granite countertop. Even if the size isn’t a problem, the weight of the countertop is. The stone must be cut in strategic areas and then re-adhered together once inside the building.

Another factor to keep in mind is the fact that no two stones look exactly alike. You cannot pick out two separate slabs and make them match perfectly with one another. In order to achieve a truly seamless look, the separate slabs must be cut from the same original slab. This can be difficult to accommodate with large counters because not all stones will work for the construction.

Making Two Pieces Of Stone Look Like One

In order to make two pieces of granite look like one continuous piece, the stone must be cut with a laser-guided bridge saw. This cut is put in a place that will be inconspicuous once the granite is installed in the kitchen. When the granite is installed, the seam is filled in with two-part epoxy, which is mixed with dye so that it matches the granite. The epoxy fills in the small gap between the two slabs and makes the pieces of stone blend in with one another.

Seamless granite countertops are mostly L-shaped to accommodate two walls meeting up with each other or a peninsula jutting out of a row of cabinets. The same practices can be used for more intricate designs, but L shapes are the most common ones we see with our granite installation company. If you would like to find out if seamless countertops are possible for your kitchen, feel free to contact East Coast Granite at 201-951-1457 for a free quote.

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