Turn Your Fireplace into a Focal Point

Turn Your Fireplace into a Focal Point

Do you feel like your fireplace should be the star of the show? We do too! Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners have old, outdated fireplaces that simply do not stand out like they’re supposed to. With the modifications below, you can draw attention to your fireplace and make it a true focal point in your home.

Paint an Accent Wall

One of the easiest ways to draw attention to a fireplace is to paint the wall surrounding it a different color than the other walls in the room. This could be a bold color like red or green, or it could be something that is a sharp contrast to the existing paint. For instance, if the rest of the room is dark grey, you could paint the fireplace wall white. You can tie this color into other accessories and wall hangings throughout the room to bring the whole design together.

Upgrade the Mantle

It’s fairly simple to swap out your existing mantle for a new one. You could build something that slides on top of your mantle, or you could get an entirely new mantle that suits your design aesthetic. Here at East Coast Granite, we construct beautiful stone mantles that accentuate the architecture of the fireplace and make the home look expensive and exquisite. You can get nearly any stone color you like, and you are sure to make your fireplace stand out.

Stretch the Façade to the Ceiling

If your current fireplace façade stops half-way up the wall, you could extend that all the way to the ceiling. This will make the fireplace look like it is in its own special column, which will certainly stand out in the room. It’s not always easy to match existing brick or tile, especially if it has been aged for a while. Consider upgrading to a stone fireplace façade instead with the stone running from floor to ceiling.

Add Built-In Shelving

If you have room on the sides of your fireplace, you could use built-in shelving to store books, family photos, movies, sculptures and more. Make the whole wall something worth looking at and add to the available storage in the space. Built-ins are not ideal for small living rooms with tight spacing accommodations, but they are great for large areas that can seem like big, blank pallets. Choose the option that best suits your home.

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