Kitchen Countertop Installation Procedure

Kitchen Countertop Installation Procedure

How are granite kitchen countertops installed? What is involved with the process? These are common questions we get here at East Coast Granite because we specialize in new countertop installation and replacement. Every home is a little bit different, so the installation process may vary slightly from one house to the next. The information below provides an overview of the standard steps needed in kitchen countertop installation.

Step 1 – Quote and Consultation

The first step in the countertop installation procedure is creating a quote for the new countertops. In most cases, a homeowner will submit a drawing or photos with dimensions indicating how big their countertops need to be. From there, we calculate the square footage to determine what size slab is right for the kitchen. The consultation process usually involves several phone calls, and at some point, the client will go to the stone yard to hand pick the slab of their choice. From there, we can offer an exact price quote and schedule a time to create the countertop template.

Step 2 – Create a Countertop Template

The countertop template is an important component of the kitchen countertop installation process. This is a mockup of the countertop that allows us to cut the slab to size. We will glue wood strips together in the shape of the counters, and then we will take the template with us to create the new countertops.

Step 3 – Cut the Granite Countertops

Before we can cut your new granite countertops, we must have the slabs delivered from the stone yard to warehouse. From there, we will cut the slab on bridge saw with laser guided precision, ensuring that we get the right size and shape for your specific needs. We will then shape the edges based on the design you chose during the consultation process. If there are any holes needed for sinks or other fixtures, we will cut those at the warehouse so the slab is ready to install at your home.

Step 4 – Install the Kitchen Countertops

We will schedule a day to install the new kitchen countertops that is convenient for you. This is usually 2-3 days after templating. We will arrive at your home for the installation and put the countertops in place. Then we will epoxy the seams, if there are any, and mouth the sink or other fixtures. The only step left after that is to apply the sealant and let it dry!

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