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Pitting in Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops like granite and marble often come with "pits" on the surface. These small imperfections are the result of the stone's porous texture, and sometimes, they cannot be avoided. Even after tedious polishing and finishing, some pitting still remains no matter what. In this guide, we will explore the process of pitting in [...]

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Granite Countertop Repairs

Because of granite's natural durability, cracks and other damages are very uncommon. Something has to be dropped onto the granite with heavy force in order for the stone to break. Nevertheless, we do come across these issues from time to time, with customers wondering if their stone countertops can be fixed. In the guide below, [...]

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Creating Seamless Granite Countertops

Seamless granite countertops are a staple of luxury kitchen designs. They are customized to hide the seams in between slabs so the countertop looks like one continual piece of stone. This is a tricky task that requires precision, quality craftsmanship, and expert-level care. Here at East Coast Granite, we specialize in creating seamless granite countertops [...]

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Kitchen Countertop Installation Procedure

How are granite kitchen countertops installed? What is involved with the process? These are common questions we get here at East Coast Granite because we specialize in new countertop installation and replacement. Every home is a little bit different, so the installation process may vary slightly from one house to the next. The information below [...]

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Natural Stone Countertops vs. Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are often compared to natural stone countertops because they are designed to look like granite or marble. These products tend to cost less because they are made from composite materials, not actual stone. Before you opt for the bargain though, it's important to know the differences between natural stone and solid surface [...]

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How To Make A Countertop Template

Countertop templates provide important information during the countertop installation process. These are physical mockups of the counters that granite installation companies use to cut slabs to size or fabricate other types of countertops to suit the space. The term "template" may also refer to a drawing used to create a quote for granite countertop installation. [...]

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How Quartz Manmade Countertop Surfaces Compare to Granite

Quartz manmade countertops are becoming a popular alternative to granite because of their stony look and improved durability. If you are selecting new countertop materials for your home, you may want to explore these two options to determine what is right for you. In the information below, we will go over how quartz manmade countertop [...]

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Are Granite Countertops Worth The Money?

Are granite countertops worth the money? This is one of the most common questions people ask when choosing the right countertop materials for their home. Of course, we may be a little biased about natural stone counters here at East Coast Granite, but the overall benefits of granite are undeniable. Here are some of the [...]

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Granite Pricing – How Expensive Is Granite?

When selecting countertop materials for your home, you may be concerned about granite pricing. As a whole, granite is more expensive to buy and install than other countertop materials, but the benefits of granite countertops often outweigh the price tag. Before you decide on a cheaper alternative, you might want to look at what you [...]

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Granite Countertops vs. Other Surfaces

How does granite compare to other countertop surfaces? Is it better, worse, cheaper, more expensive…? These are questions that come up regularly during a kitchen and bathroom remodeling. If you are thinking about using granite countertops in your home, you might want to know what your options are as a whole. This will help you [...]

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