Granite Countertop Legs

October 8, 2014

Granite countertop legs for tables, sides of cabinets or walls are a nice touch aesthetically. It takes skill and attention to detail in order for it to look nice. With a mitered edge on the corner the two sides can come together to look flush. in the picture provided is an example of how it looks when lining the two edges together while preparing for it.

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Granite Countertop Tables

September 3, 2014

Granite countertop tables are available from East Coast Granite. They can be laid on cabinets or replace another surface and use the pre-existing table legs as long as they are sturdy and strong enough to support the weight of granite. In the picture attached cabinets were built and Kashmire White granite was placed on top then carefully measured side panels were placed an adhered in order to created a great asthetic look.

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Granite Countertop Repairs

August 13, 2014

East Coast Granite from time to time get phone calls from customers inquiring about a crack and how granite countertop repairs can be fixed. In order to get a crack something significant has had to have been dropped on it or hit with something heavy or hard with force. After an evaluation, usually with a photograph from the customer, we determine if it can be temporarily repaired. We most commonly do this with two part epoxy. This is a jelly-like […]

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White Carrara Marble Kitchen

August 12, 2014

East coast Granite recently installed a beautiful White Carrara Marble kitchen for a customer. It was honed which means it lacked the tight polish that is most common on the top side surface of the countertop. The question came up as to whether it was vulnerable to possible staining. Our reply to that question was that all natural stones have the possibility to staining. Although it is very uncommon for us it is not impossible. The best way to guard […]

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Tile Backsplash

July 9, 2014

Tile backsplash is a nice alternative to a 4″ backsplash cut from the full slab of material. In the image displayed is an example of Santa Cecilia granite with a nice tile. The similar colors of the granite accentuates the relationship but contrasts the natural look and modern design. There are so many options worth considering, which at times can be overwhelming. However with design websites like just type in ’tiles’ and youy will get hundreds of great ideas.

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Fabricating Granite Countertops

July 2, 2014

The next step after templating is fabricating  granite countertops and making the edge. The edges are shaped to the chosen style. Then a variable speed grinder is used with polishing pads with water in order to keep the pads cool.

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Natural Stone Countertops: Pitting

June 25, 2014

 Natural stone countertops like Granite has natural imperfections. This is what makes the product so appealing to many customers. It is also very durable and can withstand a lot of wear in the kitchen over time. However as durable as it is it is not indestructible. Darker granites and a higher PSI density (pounds per square inch) which combined with its darker colors helps to withstand stains and water marks. Lighter stones have a lower PSI which makes it more porous and […]

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Kitchen Faucet

June 16, 2014

East Coast Granite routinely is asked not just about the sink but also the kitchen faucet. We sell industry standard stainless steel single or double bowl undermount sinks. They are less expensive than Home Depot or Lowes, major difference is that they don’t have a brand on them. Kitchen faucets however are more esthetically subjective for the customer and we leave that choice to them. Holes for faucets or soap dispensers are a standard hole and can be drill before […]

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Looking For Modern Countertops with East Coast Granite

June 16, 2014

If you are looking for modern countertops then you should consider quartz countertops. Quartz is man made therefore the colors don’t vary much. There are dozens of colors to choose from and are more expensive than granite or marble. They are durable but not indestructible. Another detail is that they are sized smaller than granite slabs, so depending on the size and layout of the kitchen sometimes two quartz slabs would need to be used in order to complete the […]

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Countertop Installation Procedure For Kitchens

June 10, 2014

1. Countertop installation procedure for kitchens and Internet research2. Research3. Reviews4. Email inquiry to East Coast Granite5. Customer questions6. Submit countertop dimensions7. Figure out square footage8. Suggest colors, surfaces, products. Send customer to stone yard to hand pick slab9. Provide a price quote10. Agree to price terms11. Schedule day to template12. Deliver slabs to warehouse13. Cut slab on bridgesaw with lazor guided precision14. Fabricate edging15. Cut sink out, fabricate interior16. Schedule day to install countertops,  usually 2-3 days after templating17. […]

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